Friday, August 17, 2007

The Shooting Gallery

This painting is for the upcoming October Show at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco
I'm very excited to heading out there, . . .

"The Vamp Circa 1873"
16"x20" acrylic on board
She calls herself Eva, . . .she has been around since the 1820's.
Originally known as Margaret McCambridge, she left Scotland after numerous reports of missing persons began to spread across the countryside.
She reappeared some years later in New York sometime during the Civil War.

The Smacking Krampus

This is a sketch for my next piece

After much deliberation, . . .the Smacking Krampus, raises it's hand as if to ask a question, . . . and then smacks down his victims until they relent. His over-sized right hand is as wide as the average frying pan.