Thursday, March 13, 2008

Roq La Rue Show

The Great Woolly Krampus

He sneaks up on his victims and surprises them with a passionate kiss on the lips.
This is no small feat, since he stands at almost 3 meters in height.
Once his lips make contact, a quick hair-growing affliction ensues, usually covering their entire body with hair (much like "cousin It" on the Addams Family)
During the holiday season, large balls of hair roll through Bavarian towns like tumbleweeds.

Opening up on April 11th,
I'll be sharing a double-headliner at the mighty Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle
with artist Femke Heimstra and her remarkable acrylic paintings.

I'm very excited about this show, . . .It will be the largest collection of my paintings on display ever.
I'll be attending.