Thursday, January 4, 2007

Had one of those Zombie dreams again

The holiday season has passed, . . .I'm a year closer to paying off my mortgage and my daughter had a wonderful Christmas. What more can I ask for?, . . .A Solution to the Zombie problem that plagues our 21st century existence
I got a neat book for Christmas "World War Z" by Max Brooks
I hope the the FX Shop that my friend works for, gets to work on the motion picture that got optioned recently.

it's back to work for now


idolatrieartist said...

Mmmmm Zombies...
Can't be too careful...
I have a copy of the "Zombie Survival guide" in our bathroom...

You know I just love your work.

(Pppst... I added a link to your website in my upcoming book. I do hope this will be okay? I find your work to be a visual feast of inspiration! Just let me know for sure...if it is okay.)

Jane Wynn

Travis Louie said...

That's fine with me