Friday, May 18, 2007

Norman and Jenkins

Norman And Jenkins
8 x 10 acrylic on board

Norman lived in a small cottage outside of London that he shared with his pet Weta, Jenkins,( a large cricket-like insect native to islands in and around New Zealand) Unlike ordinary insects, Jenkins had the ability to control people’s minds. Did he use that ability for good or evil?, . . .no one knew for certain, . . .but Norman lived happily with his “pet”, He did find it curious that the local townspeople often addressed him as “King Norman” or “Your Majesty”, and when the town tax collector arrived at his home to make an assessment, he cried out that his eyes were on fire and leaped into the pond.


Daniel Ramirez - STEAMPUNK said...

excelente trabajo, gente tan distinguita tu estilo es sorprendente.

hanane said...

this is maybe the most beautiful paining i have ever seen in my life!
my compliments.
all the paintings are crazily beautiful.

my compliments again..