Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hi Fructose Magazine

There's a feature article about my work in the current issue of Hi Fructose magazine
I'm very excited to be in such a fine publication! The other artists in the issue are fabulous, . . . so I'm in good company.
Also in that issue are Brendan Danielsson(a good friend), Lori Earley, James Jean, Cover Artist Amy Sol, Parskid, Mars-1(wildly imaginative), and David Stoupakis


mordacious said...

a link for those lazier than me:

Alice Stribling said...

How exciting! I just ordered my copy.

Wellington Almeida (Teté) said...

congratulations to you, very very very awnsome!!
from Brasil

A. Andrew said...

Just picked up the issue.
Looks Great!... Congrats
Andrew Gonzalez

Travis Louie said...

Thanks, . . .I think they did a great job

Hey Alice, In a couple of months I'll be in your neck of the woods

Great to hear from you Andrew

This Painting Life said...

Travis, congratulations! I will have to wait until the edition hits the magazine stalls in Australia...cannot wait to see it!