Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Great Gugga Mugga

Discovered in South America at the turn of the last century, this rare Krampus had been in hiding since the great nostril incident at Stockholm in 1895.
During the holiday season, he would punish the wicked by inserting his thumb and index finger into the nostrils and lifting his victims off the ground several times.
The after effects are a harsh facial disfigurement with super-sized nostrils.


Koldo said...

Wonderful! I love the expression in his mouth, he looks like such a nice fellow!

Ambera said...

I look forward to these stories as much as I do the paintings. These are super.

amy said...

someone staring at u with three eyes? hehe.
how are you travis?

Travis Louie said...

Thanks Koldo!

Thanks Ambera!

I'm okay Amy, . . .just a little scattered from my workload. Still having fun though, . . . yesterday, I was at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery and I totally spaced out in front of my friends.
I felt like I had three eyes! hehe.

amy said...

well im sure your friends will sympathize for your occasional spacey artist behavior.

i read on your site that you live in red hook. it sounds interesting, how do you like it there?

Travis Louie said...

I hope they sympathize,. . .I'm not one to space out so easily. I think I may be a bit overbooked and overworked going into July.

I love Red Hook, it's a great town!

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