Friday, June 3, 2011

Strange Factory images

acrylic on board
oval frame convex glass

He came out of the ground in 1886 to look for his friends.
They had all passed on except for his barber; who when approached
by Norman was so frightened by his decaying body he tried to run away.
The chase lasted for several blocks before the old barber gave up and collapsed.
He explained to Norman how long he had been buried and gave him a shave, a
haircut, and a mustache waxing for old time’s sake.


Carl Turner said...

Superb, authentically vintage in appearance, and yet at the same time charmingly surreal.
Nice Work!

Caerphilly said...

I love your work. I luckily had a chance to see it a few months back at the Joshua Liner gallery. Brilliant!

bunny mazhari said...

You manage to breathe an eerie life into all your creations and you do it effortlessly. Your sense of the subtle macabre chimes with mine. Amazing work!

Anonymous said...
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ricardo estecha said...

MUY BUENO!! Felicidades

CL Kenyon said...

I had a guilt beetle once...nasty bugger...squished it flat...

Susi said...

U'r AWESOME!!!!!!!

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