Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Michael Richards

Talk about career suicide!
Wow! I sure didn't see that coming, . . .by now, everyone who ever watched "Seinfeld" must know about the unfortunate, disgraceful remarks that Michael Richards will regret until the day he dies. . The worst part about it for him , is that it was caught on video. Now he has no choice but to try and do as much damage control as possible. I understand he's had contact with Reverend
Jesse Jackson and tried to contact Al Sharpton. He should contact the people he insulted openly and apologize to them.
And what about those people he shouted those awful words to?, . . . it appears that two of them are doing the News show circuit with their lawyer in tow. As horrible as it may be to have racial slurs spewed at you, we all know that if it wasn't a celebrity saying such things to them, they wouldn't be after their "15 minutes". Why do they need a lawyer? Are they seeking reparations? They weren't even on camera, in that video clip I saw online.
I've had people yell racist things at me in public, . . . I didn't run to my lawyer, . . .I hope they aren't going to make a mockery of this, by asking for money as punishment for the hurtful things said to them.

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mr.meatpants said...

You're much funnier than Michael Richards anyway.