Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New work

I've been working on paintings for a couple of different shows
I just finished framing one of them this morning with some convex glass. This one is called "Uncle Six Eyes"
It's 11x14 and it will be at the 15th anniversary Copro Nason Show, opening Dec 9th.
there will be two other pieces there, . . .I'll be attending the opening.


Alice Stribling said...

Nice one Travis! I love all of it, but I really enjoy the flowers in the background.

johnie said...

Travis how can i get my hands on some of your pic. They are really great. hit me back with the info please.

admin said...

i really like your paintings. CAN U WRITE TUTORIALS FOR THIS.i have written a post on your site IN MY DESIGN SITE. ANIMHUT.COM and you CAN SEE IT. PLZ COMMENT ON THEM. iam a newbiee.

Sandra said...

You are incredible! I LOVE your style, haven't seen anything this different in a long time. :)



Anonymous said...

I wanted to say your art is beautiful. I can see the skill and craftmanship in every piece. Have you ever done illistration? I've known some artists who thinks its an insult to paint another persons image or world, so I hope I don't offend. I just wish I could see great art like this more when reading to my son or to myself really. I really connected to your work which is a true compliment.