Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This is Maxo The Ultra-Chimp

I've been asked list 5 random facts about myself

1. I love to cook, and not just Chinese food
2. When I worked at an art supply store in NY, my name tag said "O'Malley"
because I got tired of people asking me what country I came from.(I look about as Irish as Charlie Chan)
3. I thought my kindergarten teacher looked like Richard Nixon in drag
4. I'm really into fine writing instruments.
5. I don't like circus clowns


Wynne Chen said...

Great monsters you have:)
beautiful paintings!

the chung said...


and i thought you looked more scottish than irish.
sorry if i've offended you in the past

Lacey said...

Well, what country DID you come from? ;-)

I love your monster-ish portraits. This four-eyes thing really gets me; they almost appear to vibrate.

Happy painting!

Ambera said...

He is just marvelous!! You've done a beautiful job with the values, and I especially love those little tufts of hair on either side of his hat. It's those little details that always make your paintings so spectacular. Nice job!

shaunna said...

WOw! Stellar piece Travis! Also, love the little fun facts about you! I hate circus clowns as well, or anything in any type of costume... I realize now that it's probably because when we were little, my Dad used to chase my brother and I around wearing this horribly freaky mask. It pretty much screwed both of us up... but anyway.... that's a great piece!

Travis Louie said...

Thanks everyone, . . .
actually, . . . as I understand it, having phobias about clowns is quite common, . . .

Which is not the case for me, . . .I have to hold back my extreme disappoint with clowns ,
I want to punch them in the face. As a child, after having watched hours of Marx Brothers and Laurel & Hardy films, . . . clowns were never funny enough for me.
I kind of always thought to myself "pie-throwing and seltzer bottles?, is that all they got?"
"Make me laugh, you powder-faced nitwits!, . . . didn't some of you go to college for that?!"
I know, I shouldn't be so harsh.

greg oakes said...



your works is very good !!! muy buen dibujo