Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So I ventured down to Atlanta for Dragoncon
I brought some drawings and a custom with me.


Anonymous said...

haha, great custom toy, especially the face!

Daniel van Nes said...
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Daniel van Nes said...
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Michael L. Arnold said...

I've been reading articles about you and i'm glad to finally see your work and now I see that the stories are true...your work is amazing. Can't wait to see your work in person one day.

Brad Fallon said...

I love the bottom image - looks like Mr. Toad with an attitude. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

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Mind Miner said...

That is one strange "Anonymous" comment here, the one posted above mine. Even though it's spam its kinda interesting to see how the bot behaves with garbled google translations. Might make for some interesting story ideas?

Not that you have any problems coming up with your own ideas like the myth of 'bad hair' and stuff like that. Hilarious!

Anyways, love, LOVE your work Travis. Really dig the Philosofish there haha.

Anonymous said...

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p.a.turner said...

Mr. Louie, have you talked in your blog about your methods? your techniques?
I'm fascinated with the way your paintings look and can't imagine how you make them look that way. I work in graphite, and thought when I first saw some of your work online that they were graphite drawings, they are so fine and detailed.
thank your for sharing your beautiful work with people. What a treat!