Thursday, December 2, 2010

Drawing Show at Gallery 1988, Los Angeles

Jimmy On Top
30 x 40"
graphite and nero on illustration board

  1. The Impossible Girl
    acrylic and graphite on board

Wendel Dreamed of Mermaids
24 x 36
graphite & nero on paper

The Victorian Hypno Doll
9.5"x 15.5"
graphite & nero on paper


ennovyennovy said...

J'aime bien Jimmy On Top

Attractive Art Community (Big Sam) said...

Your are a beast!

Anonymous said...

Master.Great.From Asturias,Spain.You art is ...excelsior!I absolu.. fan.

Long live Master Travis.

bunny mazhari said...

The eyes in your pieces are quite disconcerting! You manage to breathe a life into them that is quite unique!

A. Krokus said...

Oh, God. I love those feet so much.

pay per head said...

I wonder why I did not knew this before.... it was a good read. You are working on a very good blog.. I look forward to visit your blog again....

Thibaud Jourdan said...

Really like your paintings. You take us into your mystery world full of wonderful and mythological monsters and dandies. It's like a photo of your imagination. Congratulation and don't stop you, please !